Thursday, 17 September 2015

India's Holy Cows and Holy Go Moothra

On Holy Cows and the Holy Go Moothra
There's talk about Cow's urine good for this and good for that. I have seen many people slurping drops of urine on their way to office in Bombay. Well. I definitely think cow's urine is a good liquid manure when mixed with other foliage naturally found in the garden. But, to drink it as a medicine is taking things a bit too far. Let me tell you something, lots of cows come and sit in the shade of the trees planted by me many years back near my house in Bangalore. It's just not the cows, guys and girls too like to stand and loiter in front of my house because of the refreshing shade of the trees. Birds, bats,dogs, cats, squirrels, bees including cows patronize the space in front of my house. But, these cows in Bangalore seem to have a bad tummy and have loose motion all the time, it may be because they consume a large amount of garbage on their way to my place. Hence, the space in front of my gate looks like a cow shed with cow dung splattered all over the place. I would love to gather the cow dung (to make vermicompost being the most important ingredient) if it looked like it is in the villages solid and with no smell. A funny incident took place yesterday, I had swept the place clean because of Ganesha Habba and these cows came and did their thing, and I lost my temper. I took a big stick and drove them away. A few guys who had parked their vehicles came out and told me not to shoo away the holy cows, some of them even touched them and did namaskar. Then, I had to point out rather sternly, that the cows in question were not Indian cows, they were imported American or Australian (sperm imported I guess) cows huge and smelly. I told them not to worship imported Western cows. Our Indian cows are small and dainty like my Malenadu Gidda in my village in Karnataka which gives just one and half litre of milk and it is so tasty and sweet. Its roams the forest and eats the sweetest grass for free. I love it and give it ad big hug now and then. But, will I drink the holy urine, oh no. I will not. I will leave it for the holy people of my country.

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