Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Moral Policing in Mangalore

Moral Policing in Mangalore.

There's something wrong here. Why are women discriminated in a highly civilized place like Mangalore? One of the first English medium schools and colleges were started in Mangalore. People are rich, educated and friendly. Then why this moral policing? In what way are the men superior? Is it because they can scare you with their muscle power? Why do they roam about only in gangs of ten or more? The police in Mangalore should come down heavily on these gangs who frighten women. I vote that the women of Mangalore young and old to unite and oppose this discrimination. Women should be free to attend parties with their friends who could be both men and women if their parents or husbands know where they are going, especially if they are very young. This is happening because men in Mangalore are male chauvinist and they are brought up that way by their parents. One should respect women's right to go out. Boys in Mangalore always roam in groups and target women. The police should monitor such behavior. What if the police in Mangalore are male Chauvinists? Give martial art training to girls and women and let them counter act this horrible moral policing. Recruit more women or post women constables and officers in mangalore. Invite women to the police stations as a freindly visit, so that they have no fear of the police. All educational institutions in Mangalore should invite the local police personnel for a friendly talk and inter action. A single woman should be feel bold enough to enter a police station any time of the day or night if she has a grievance. I say, women of Mangalore unite and come out and oppose this moral policing. Start a morcha with placards and infront of the Town Hall. Let there be awareness to make Indian society equal and egalitarian. Justice for all for both men and women. Jai Bharat.

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