Monday, 28 November 2016

All have worms in their stomach and they should come out.
It would have been a good therapy if all the politicians, MLAs, MPs and ministers, had stood in a queue to take money out or put money in the banks along with the common people. I did not see any one. The media guys would have spotted them and made a big deal. Except for Rahul Gandhi and the media did make a big deal out of it. Since, Modi graduated from being a chai wallah to a CM of Gujarat and then PM of India. He and his cabinet ministers should have stood in line with us in the hot sun. Just to lead by example. Gandhiji would have done it and the father of our nation always lead his people from the front. And, that's why we call him father of our nation. And that's why his face stares from every note that was in circulation before demonetization and and will be in circulation in the future. So why not Modi and his BJP ministers. You must practice what you preach. The bitter medicine is good for all. All have worms in their stomach. And they should come out. Please Mr. Modi, lead us from the front and through example. What is good for us is good for you too. If these politicians can hold pad yatras, cycle yatras, car rallies and public rallies as soon as elections are announced then why not now? Why not mix with the common people? Why not stand in a queue and explain to us why demonetization so very necessary and why it is good for the nation and why black money should come out and all that. If we have to line up in the streets then you too should line up with us in the streets just to show solidarity with the people of India who voted for you. Gandhiji lead a 24 day Salt yatra from the Sabarmati Ashram near Ahmedabad in Gujarat to Dandi sea shore through the streets and people followed him. Mr. Modi, we will follow you if you lead us on the streets and not preach to us from ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi or from the comforts of your PM's office.

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